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Sydney Veda Pathasala is exploring Indian Culture and Heritage through Sanskrit Language.

Sydney Veda Pathasala. BSK/SVP Annual Day Celebration.


More than 100 children and 50 adults participated in the Annual day and mesmerised the audience through Sanskrit skit, slokas and vedic chanting.

Bala Samskar Kendra (BSK) focuses on promoting Sanskrit language, leadership skills, Bharatiya culture, values and personality development in children of all ages. BSK in conjunction with Sydney Veda Patasala  (SVP) promotes Vedas and Sanskrit. Students attend classes every Sunday and learn Sanskrit which is one of the oldest languages in the world. Lessons also focus around culture, vedic science and chantings of Sanskrit hymns.

Sydney Veda Patasala is the First Veda Pathasala operating outside Bharat. The BSK and SVP Annual Day was held on the 19th of June at Ermington Community Centre. 

Smt.Bhavana Sudarshan, MC for the day, welcomed the guests. There were three BSK and SVP groups from various parts of Sydney. The program showcased the talents of children through various performances and was well attended. An apology letter from Albert Vella, President of NSW Federation of Community Language Schools, was read out signifying the importance of language in our lives. It ended with a quoting; “To speak one language is to live one life, to speak many languages is to live many lives”

The programme started with a Sanskrit poem “Mudaakarata” (written by Adi Sankaracharya) rendered by Metella Road Sanskrit school children. It was heartening for Dr Rugmini, Smt. Jayanthi and Smt.Rohini to see their teaching effort coming to fruition when their school children performed so well.

Shri Narayanan, Sanskrit teacher from Baulkham hills presented the welcome speech in Sanskrit.
Akila Ramarathinam , General Secretary, VHP Australia, presented a detailed report accompanied by a visual presentation on the activities of VHP Australia that included  Sanskrit education, leadership camps and conferences. Swami Vigyanananda’s speech was enlightening to the audience.

SVP Carlingford & Moorebank  presented  Purusha Suktam which pervades the vedas extensively. Realizing the Purusha, one attains not only material prosperity but also immortality. SVP Carlingford also presented   Narayana Suktam & Sree Suktam. Lord Narayana is the thousand-headed one, thousand-eyed, and thousand-limbed. Narayana is not merely the Father or Creator of the cosmos, beyond creation, but is also hidden in the heart of everyone. The Sree Suktham of the Rig Veda is recited together with formal worship of the Goddess of Wealth, for peace, wealth, and all-round prosperity. Lakshmi, who is usually identified as the Spouse of Vishnu, or Narayana, represents the glory and magnificence of God.  Shri Ramarathinam, Shri Subramanian, Shri Jayashankar and Shri Janardhan teach Vedic hymns at Sydney Veda Patasala (SVP). Girls of SVP Carlingford delivered a Sanskrit Poem “Kaa Tvam Bale” and the boys recited the “Kuta Aagacchasi Mathulachandra". 

BSK Toongabbie presented a speech on the aims & objectives mainly focussing on Hindu Dharma & Sanskrit (Divine Language). Shri Mehul Joshi, Yoga teacher at BSK Toongabbie led his team of young children to demonstrate Yoga poses he taught them at the school.

SVP Moorebank presented Durga Suktam which is a combination of mantras and prayers sung or recited in praise of Goddess Durga  and Medha Suktam in praise of Goddess of Intellect – Saraswathi.

BSK Moorebank presented Sanskrit poem Bidaali Bidaali, Sanskrit Sankhyas   1-20 (Numericals) ,Sharira Bhag – Sanskrit poem and Subhashitam.  Sambhashanam which  involved dialogues in everyday life was well received by the audience. Full credits are to be given to all the young and adult teachers of  BSK Moorebank who train Moorebank students.   Special words of acknowledgement are also due to Shri Rahul Vedi who has been guiding the BSK Moorebank teachers for their Sanskrit language classes. 
Shri Rahul Vedi and Shri Narayanan are conducting Sanskrit language classes under the SVP banner at Carlingford and Baulkham Hills.

Mrs. Diane O’Connor, Principal,  Nuwarra  Public School, in her speech praised the efforts of the community in building the characters of the students.

SVP Baulkham Hills took the audience on a tour of Sanskrit words for animals, birds, time scale, weekdays & arithmetic calculations.

Shishira Bindiganavile welcomed the 2 volunteers, Sri. Chandrakant Kulkarni and Sri. Ramyavaran Ramaswamy who have dedicated their time and efforts into the various activities organised by the different branches. Swamiji  offered felicitations to the two volunteers.

SVP Baulkham Hills presented Shivopasana Mantra & Shantipanchakam (for peace and prosperity)

BSK Hornsby, presented the Shantipat & Poornamada. This school started only in April 2011 and it was amazing to see the children reciting them so well. All credits are due to the Sanskrit teacher Smt. Amitha for this. 

Certificates to the children of different branches were distributed by Clr Barbara Burton, Hills Shire, Mrs. Diane O’Connor , Dr. Nihal Agar, Sri. Anagan Babu, Mr. Alex, Smt. Aruna Chandrala.

The Vote of thanks was delivered in Sanskrit and English by students of SVP Carlingford. The program ended with sumptuous dinner kindly sponsored by Taj, Sri Annapoorna Restaurant and Sydney Murugan Stores and was enjoyed by the young and the old alike.

Report prepared by Smt Laiju Menon, Parent & Volunteer, BSK, Nuwarra Public School.  

For school details and enrolment contact : Akila Ramarathinam on (02) 8814 7016 OR Visit the website: 

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