Monday, 8 August 2011

US parliamentarian voiced for Islamic Brutality upon Hindu, Christian and Bahai in Bangladesh, Iraq and Iran.

US parliamentarian voiced for 49 Million Missing Hindus from Bangladesh. 

Christians and Bahais are persecuted in Iraq and Iran.

S. Udatta, HE Correspondent, Florida.
Rep. Robert Dold voiced in US Parliament about the intimidating persecution and atrocities over Hindus in Bangladesh, Christians in Iraq and Bahais in Iran.  
The US Parliamentarian Says “49 Million Hindus Pushed Out of Bangladesh Since 1947”and “Christians of Mishaba Province in Iraq are not being allowed to practice their religion in peace” and  “Sufferings on Bahai Prisoners in Iran”, as unbearable and these need proper legislation.
Rep. Robert Dold has been convinced so far by Dr. Sachi Ghosh Dastidar of HINDU AMERICAN FOUNDATION & Dr. Richard Benkin of FORCEFIELD about the fatal consequences of Non-Muslim minorities in  Muslim States.
The US parliamentarian sought the ‘beacon of light’ through the august house to deal with the matter as a gross violation of human rights.
In this report, Charges against Islam :: Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, Temple Destruction, Physical Intimidation, Violation of Peace against Non Muslims.
Reports end. But……

If these allegations are true, what should we do?



Courtesy : Hindu Existence

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