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Nepali People are fighting for re-establishment of Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Monarchy again in Nepal.

Upananda Brahmachari is a strong Hindu Nationalist of Bharat and an expert on Bharat-Nepal Relations, who in the ‘All India Hindu Convention” (26 June 2014) passed a resolution with solidarities and support to declare Nepal as a Hindu Nation. Recently he visited Nepal to gear up the Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Kingdom movement spreading in Nepal.

Full Text of the interview by Dirgha Raj Prasai to Brahmachari: 
‘Hindu Monarchy and Hindu Rastra-Inseparable Part in Nepal’
Question- What are you feeling in Nepal your five days visit?
Ans. I feel great to come here in the Traditional Hindu land and ancient kingdom in Nepal. I feel at home and really feel as my ancestral home of my own and being blessed after offering prayers in Lord Pashupatinath Ji Temple at Kathmandu, Gorakh Kali Temple, Seat of Yogis and Supreme Guru of Nath sect - Baba Gorakhnath, Parashar and Vyas caves and many other Holy places.
The nature, beauty and the purity in Nepal are still preserved by its people. I have oppertunated with so many people of Nepal who are honest, gracious and dutiful. They are striving for a change in Nepal for a Hindu State and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal.
I have come here under the invitation of Maharaja Prithvi Narayan Shah Memorial Foundation, Nepal. This Organization is genuinely working for the Nepal Hindu Raj Mukut (Hindu Kingdom) and Nepal Hindu Muluk (Hindu State). There was a big gathering in a programmed on 19 Nov 2014 at Bhojan Griha, Dilli Bazar, where I spoke elaborately as a chief speaker in that program about both Hindu Kingdom and Hindu State in Nepal. Audience and dignitaries present there absolutely supported the cause of Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal. Dr Dinesh Upadhyay, a BJP Member of Parliament from India was also present there as a chief Guest with other important speakers.
It's a great experience in my first visit in Nepal.

Q.  Now, India, BJP and the strong Hindu nationalist leader Narendra Modi is in power as a PM of India, what can we expect from him?

Ans. At first, I am to clear that I am not a BJP man and have come here as a devout Hindu activist to support the cause of the Nepalese people struggling for Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal.

You know my position as the Editor of Hindu Existence website ( and my intention to act as an interlocutor between different people in Nepal struggling for the restoration of Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Kingdom in Nepal.
As a political analyst, I am in opinion that the BJP Govt. in India must protect the interest of Hindus in India, Nepal and over 100 crores Hindu people in this world.
The Hindus of India chose Sri Narendra Modi as their Prime Minister as considering him as a strong Hindu Nationalist. So how can Modiji ignore the interest of the Hindu people whatever in India or Nepal?
Dr Dinesh Upadhyay, a senior leader of BJP and the MP from Allhabad, has also said that the Nepalese people in India unanimously voted for Modi Ji. So they have also their right to say Modiji for their claim.
I think, BJP will perfectly accept such a Nepal Policy that will give a good and fruitful result for the protection of Hindu tradition and culture of Nepal without any ambiguity.
Hindus of Bharat also support the Hindu country in Nepal.  The organizations like RSS, VHP and Hindu Janajagruti Samity have passed their resolutions for re-establishment of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal, times and again.

I am seeing that the Nepali people here are fighting for establishment of Hindu Rashtra and Hindu Monarchy again in Nepal. 
I think that Hindu Monarchy in Nepal is an inseparable part of Hindu Rashtra in Nepal and that should be well protected also.

Q.  What do you think about parties who are supporting Nepal as a secular state and leading the country towards disintegration in the name of a secular and a republic state?
What is your view about the present political situation in Nepal?
Ans. See, change in political stand points is a very difficult thing to guess out. Sense, nonsense and other political gimmicks etc. are very relative and run after vested interest.
But, what I have seen here that the political mindset of Nepal is now also changing gradually in favor of Hindu Rashtra and favouring Hindu Kingdom as the patron and protector of Hindu Rashtra. I met many people in NC, UML, RPP etc. who are now also supporting the cause of Hindu Rashtra with Hindu Kingdom in Nepal. They are also frustrated with the Secular changes in Nepal and condemning the role of CIA and European Union to break Nepal and the stability in a region of declared 'Peace Zone'.
I also vehemently condemn the role of European Union and CIA to use Nepal as a strategically point to control upon Nepal, Tibet, China and India too. These foreign agencies are promoting Christian Conversion through various INGOs (International Non Govt Orgs) to destroy cultural texture of Nepal. It is seen that some big Maoists leaders in Nepal have also embraced Christianity and running their anti-Hindu agendas. All these are very dangerous for the interest for the common Nepalese people.

Again, Communism is a failure theory in Russia and Eastern Europe. The communism in China is nothing but a boiling ice-cream. So, it can do nothing for the People of Nepal. People must understand the dangerous role of Maoists and other Communists in Nepal.
What is ridiculous thing to me that this same European Union and CIA never oppose the Kingdom in UK, Norway, Holland or Japan. But they are all against the Hindu Kingdom in Nepal. If those entire kingdom can be well preserved, then why not the Hindu Kingdom in Nepal with the maintenance of the Nepal Constitution in Nepal. 1990.

Q.  Do you support the Hindu Kingdom and constitutional monarchy in Nepal, why?
Ans. Yes. Definitely. But, urge to King Gyanendra of Nepal to make a closer contact with the Nepalese people and make a mighty relation between Raja and Praja (the King and the mass).
The Hindu view of Raja (king) denotes as Prajanuranjak (the benefactor of the people). If Raja is the real example of King Janaka, Shivi or Harishchandra, People of Nepal will definitely fight for the Hindu Kingdom and Hindu rashtra in Nepal.

I think that Hindu Kingdom in Nepal with the maintained of the Nepal Constitution in Nepal,  1990 is the only solution for the present crisis in Nepal.

Q.  Do you also support India as a Hindu state?
Ans. Yes. We (The Hindu Organisations) are also striving for the Hindu Rashtra (Constitutional and Internationally accreditated) in Bharat with the same demand for Nepal.
BJP must justify the demands of the Hindus all over.

There is no Hindu Rashtra (country) for 1 Billion Hindus in the world, while Christians have 157, Muslims have 52, Buddhists have 12 and even Jews have their own one country so far. Then why not Hindu  Rashtra in Nepal and Bharat?
It is the legitimate claim of 1 billion Hindus in the world. We will materialize that. Thank you everybody in Nepal and to all the Hindus in this world.

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