Monday, 26 October 2015

Hindu outfits to arrange pork fest to protest beef fests in India.

Hindu Makkal Katchi to organise now 'pork fests' to protest 'beef fests'.

WORLD HINDU NEWS | COIMBATORE | OCT 25, 2015::  Protesting beef fests organised by political parties and organisations, a Hindu outfit here on Monday said it would stage a counter-agitation serving pork meat in many places.

The right wing Hindu outfits are connecting other Hindu forums to arrange Pork fests in main cities and metropolises across India. 

Hindu Makkal Katchi (Indu Makkal Katchi-Tamilagam) would stage protest demonstrations against beef fests and serve pork meat to the agitators, its founder president Arjun Sampath said recently in a programme held in Coimbatore.

He was talking to reporters at the launch of website www.IndiaagainstIslamicstate.Com , a portal hosted jointly by him and Rarshtriya Hindu Sena Chief Pramod Muthalik and Hindu Jana Jagrati.
Sampath said anti-Hindu political parties and pseudo secular organisations were instigating by holding beef fests.

His organisation was demanding a ban on beef and those who wanted to eat it should move out of India, he added.
Muthalik and Hindu Jana Jagrati Samiti spokesperson Ramesh Shinde refused to talk on the beef issue.
Muthalik said that, "the recent website against ISIS is not against Islamic people but Islamic terrorists".
It was to highlight "anti-Hindu activities" and promote patriotism among the youth of the country, Muthalik said.
Meanwhile, a pro-beef body here requested the Tamil Nadu government to supply beef biriyani in "Amma Canteens" in subsidised rates.
In a memorandum to the district collector, Beef Eaters Welfare Association President A Munusamy said beef was considered a healthy food, but its consumption was being politicised.
Government should take steps to reduce the rate of beef and also come forward to supply beef biriyani at Amma Canteens, where food items are sold at low prices.
The government should also take stringent action against those who prevent vehicles carrying cows and bulls to slaughter houses, Munusamy said.
Our representative GSK Menon conveyed from Chennai about an Indian Town Perumbavoor where Pork is prohibited, but not a concern of beef lover seculars.  
"A reader informs me that in Ernakulam District of Kerala, there is a Muslim dominated town of Perumbavoor, which does not give permission to sell pork, pork products, and has banned slaughter of pigs for human consumption ! The Muslim dominated Municipality has officially banned pork ! How is it happening ? If a ban on Beef is sought all varieties of Anti Hindu groups raise a ruckus in the media, but why the silence on Pork ?

Will the BJP at least collect a list of Municipalities, towns, cities where Pork is banned and give it publicity in the media ? In Kerala entire Malabar region should be enforcing this ban on Pork. Let us expose the fraudulent hypocrisy of our Sickular gang."
Interestingly, 22 tons of Pork sold this year as halal to Muslims in China as per a news published in Jews News.
In Shaanxi Province, Chinese police have discovered 22 tons of pork that was sold as certified halal (Islam-approved) beef. Muslims are forbidden from eating pork. This case, once again, demonstrates the lack of seriousness of the halal industry in Asia.

The authorities already reported that 2 tons of the pork products were sold on the market marked as halal unbeknownst to the Muslim population. Camouflage methods used by criminals are known by specialists: paraffin wax and industrial salts.

Courtesy: Z News | TNIE | Jews News | HJS. 

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  1. With d recent beef ban across nation, this looks like a terroristic conspiracy of fanatics from 2015( d post published in 2015) bore fruit now. So who are we calling terrorists and fanatics actually... Time for a serious introspection on what v r doing....