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Abhed Acharya
Asansol News
May 1, 2012; Diamond Harbor:
While the Bengali media was busy shouting the achievements of the film maker Satyajit Ray, the character already become a history, the present of the

how bengali hindus are tortured by islamists and their puppets
Mograhat people was being destroyed by their own politicians elected by them. Last night a war, both covert and deadly was being fought in the area of Mograhat. While Muslim perpetrators were freely vandalizing the Hindu festive-fair, implementing fake currencies provided by their Pakistani masters and communally downgrading the Hindu protesters; police, their biggest tool to Islamize Bengal, were nabbing only the Hindus.

Upananda Brahmachari, one of the 7 men standing between the green army and the free world was busy saving the Hindus from this disaster both strategically and legally. He was hardly in a position to bring the consequences to the public. Asansol News reporter Abhed Acharya rushed to Mograhat and recorded the situations from the place.

He reported it for the Hindu Existence website. Here is the link to read further details.
Abhed Acharya from Magrahat 
[1stMay, 2001]: I was then within 20 km 
from the place of occurrence at 
the sporadic time of clash started 
after 7 pm afresh on 29th of April (2012). Frequent phone calls were reaching 
to a number of a reliable person 
whom the sufferers believe as a 
protector in crisis. The man with a 
 subtle skill and calmness was giving 
important instructions to his men in 
 Magrahat and also reporting the matter 
to the Police and administration from 
 another phone number. He also preparing arrangements with an advocate to move 
 bail as RAF already arrested some 
Hindu men from the area of Kamarpukuria.
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Strong Hindu defense foils Islamists’ plan to persecute Hindus en masse 

Mograhat (West Bengal) : As fresh reports are coming in, the fair in village: Kamarpukur, P.S. Mograhat, District: 24 Paraganas (South), has been rocked by a series of Hindu-Muslim clashes, starting from evening of November 29, 2012 thus far.
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Courtesy: asansolnews

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