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Rommaro Khan Baloch
Asansol News (Balochistan Bureau)
May 2nd, 2012; Karachi, Pakistan and Makran, Baluchistan:
for Nasir Mansoor 
Demo against forced conversion of Hindu Girls
Stop religious bigotry, kidnapping &forced conversion of Hindu girls in Sindh 
PR (Karachi). 
Sindh Progressive Committee (SPC) working group of seven left & nationalist parties including Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Labour Party, Workers Party , Communist Party, National Party, Waten Dost Inqlabi Party & Awami Party held demonstrations & rallies on 17th April all over Sindh against the Kidnapping, forced conversion of Sindhi Hindu Girls. 
A protest demo was also organized at Karachi Press Club and participated by leading members of activist of SPC and issued following joint statement. 
various hindu-sikh and leftist organisation protest against the religious conversions of the hindu girls
various hindu-sikh and leftist organisation protest against the religious conversions of the hindu girls
“We strongly condemn the kidnapping and forced conversion of religious of Sindh (Hindu) girls and their subsequent marriages to strangers. We also condemn the role of feudal, pirs and molvis (especially of upper Sindh) in using and abusing the name of religious for their petty and mean vested interests. 
Sindh is known in the history as the land of love, peace, brotherhood and peaceful co-existence. It is shameful that this land is witnessing such acts of hatred, discrimination and animosity, that also in the name of religion. 
Sindh is the motherland of all Sindhis irrespective of religion, sect, cast and creed. All the sindhis, be they Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Jains, Sunnis or Shias inherit equal status and equal rights over this land. These people live on this land even before the religious came here. 
So no one has any right whatever to dictate terms and make decisions about how they live their lives. 
We demand that Ronkale Kumari, Asha Kumari and other Kidnapped girls be immediately repatriated to their parents and strict legal action be taken against those people (including feudal, Pirs, Molvis and police officials) who are directly or indirectly involved in these heinous crimes and acts of bigotry. 
We also demand that religious be separated from state affairs. 
We also make a passionate appeal to our Hindu brother ., never think of leaving their motherland , don’t penalize your self for the crimes of others, Instead let us join hands in struggle to make Sindh a place of peace., a secular, progressive, tolerant and inclusive Sindh of rich traditions. 
Nasir Mansoor of Labour Party, Yusuf Masti Khan of Workers Party, Khaliq Junejo of Jeay Sindh Mahaz, Hamid Baloch of National Party, Ramzan Memon of Awami Party and Mehanz Rehman of Aurat foundation in joint statement strongly condemn the religious extremists’ attack on Sindh Progressive Committee’s rally in Hyderabad. The rally was against the kidnapping and forced conversion of Hindu girls. 
In joint statement left leaders appeal to pro people forces to unite against dark forces of bigotry who wanted to change the centuries old tolerant cultural tradition of Sindh. 
They also condemn the Suni Tehreek’s attack and torture on female participants of the rally. And demanded to arrest the culprits. 
Nasir Mansoor 
Courtesy: asansolnews.

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