Saturday, 14 March 2015

A Patriot Arjun Sampath's letter to Govt of India on Tamil Hindus in Sri Lanka.

An Appeal to Prime Minister on his SRILANKAN Visit

10 March 2015

Arjun Sampath, President, Hindu People Party
130, Veera Ganesh Nagar, Coimbatore – 641001 Tamilnadu

1) Hon’ble Presdient of India, New Delhi
2) Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, New Delhi
3) Hon’ble Shri Arjun Ram Meghwal MP

Respected Sir, Namaskar,

Sub : An Appeal to Prime Minister on his SRILANKAN Visit

We would like to wish you BON Voyage and a fruitful visit to our neighboring state SRI LANKA. As you are aware we are a Hindu state from Srilanka to Kashmir and we acknowledge you as our Hindu leader on whom we place immense hope to take this nation to the next level in growth and prosperity.
There are few concerns about Sri Lanka which we would like to bring to your knowledge so that you may mull over it and find a solution through your talks with your counterpart in Sri Lanka.
1) Sri Lanka is not a secular state. Hence hindus being son of the soil are treated as second rated citizens where there is no equality in the corporation and participation in the parliament.
2) Similar to the separation of Bangladesh in 1972 to establish and san independent state providing equality to the citizens, it appears imperative that independent tamil eelam so as to restore and instigate equality to tamil population in Sri Lanka.
3) The least could be the implementation of the Rajiv Gandhi – Jayavardhane pact which was breached by the Sri Lankan government.
4) The eastern and northern provinces of Sri Lanka to be connected. Equal rights to be provided to the tamils living in this region.
5) Military to be removed from the tamil provinces.
6) Afftected and expelled tamil families need to be brought back to their home land to be restored.
7) Demolished Hindu Temples to be reconstructed.
8) Sinhal occupants to be removed from the tamil places
9) Equality of rights and rights of a natural citizen such as owing land, police rights are to be restored.
10) Indian security is being compromised as Srilanka has allowed china, Pakistan and ISIS to have their bases over there.
It need to be noted that the Sri Lanka has breached all the pacts and agreements with India till date without any remorse.

We believe you are the right person to put an end to this and restore justice and peace to tamils and hindus in Sri Lanka. We strongly believe you will be able to persuade the Sri Lankan Government to take immediate action and work towards a mutually supporting relationship benefiting both the countries.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration in this matter. 
In the service of Bharat Mata

Hindu people party

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