Saturday 21 March 2015

Dreadful Bangladesh - A Hell for Minorities.

Towards a Hinduless Bangladesh?

Atrocities, violence, torture and discrimination against the religious minorities are all time high in Bangladesh.

~ Chitra Paul

Good morning and Namaskar, Ladies & Gentlemen, my name is Chitra Paul and I came from Sweden to represent Bangladesh Hindu, Buddhist & Christian Unity Council Europe & Sweden. Thanks to the organizers to give me the opportunity to express our concern.

Bangladesh, was independent in 1971 as a secular state with about 20% non-Muslim population. Today, in just 44 years it is almost radicalized. ‘Islam’ is now its State religion and its religious minority population is dwindled to less than 9%. The country is heading towards a monolithic Islamic country.

Atrocities, violence, torture and discrimination against the religious minorities is going on regularly. It was recognized only few years back by UNCHR and recently by Amnesty International and can be called as ethnic cleansing or silent genocide.

Rape and abduction of young girls from minority communities is a common phenomenon. Most of the kidnapped women have been forcibly converted. Law enforcement has turned a blind eye on the issue.

Destruction of temples and churches are going on as usual. As a non-Muslim or as a secular person one cannot express his or her freedom of speech. Recently, Avijit Roy, blogger from USA, was chopped to death in Bangladesh during his visit. The news is known world widely.

Hate Speech against religious minorities is very common in Bangladesh. Imams of the mosques give fake news and religious fatwa to provoke attacks on religious minorities. Our own house in Noakhali was burned like many others in the country,
Just 50 years before the indigenous people were majority in Chittagong Hill Tract, but government systematically infiltrated Muslims to make indigenous people minority and now they are on the verge of extinction.

Amnesty International has made an urgent appeal to the Bangladesh government to provide its minority better protection.

And believe it or not, religious minorities are still a easy target. That is why we see different waves of torture during and after every election. I asked myself a question, is it possible for Christian & Yazdis in ISIS dominant areas to survive honorably and grow?

Situation in Bangladesh is almost similiar, but to a lesser extent. Their ultimate goal is same ‘Free the Muslim land from the infidels’.

Finally I am asking and beging the international community to come forward and help the religious minorities for their existence and survival before it is too late. Thank you for listening.

A Few Quotes
*“Rape and torture empties the villages” (The Guardian, July 21, 2003)
*An overwhelming 98.68% of the rape victims are minority, and rapists happen to be the cadres of the ruling parties, particularly of BNP. (The Daily Jankantha, Dhaka, Feb. 17, 2002)
*Nearly "200 Hindu women were gang raped by Muslim men" in Char Fashion, Bhola, in one night at a single spot. (The Daily Star, Dhaka, Nov. 16, 2001).

Where are the missing non-Muslims? Minority population is dwindling in Bangladesh. It was about 20% in 1972 and now it is less than 10%. On 20th Nov 2013 at a hearing in Washington, D.C. house foreign relations committee chairman Ed. Royce told, ‘About 49 million Hindus are missing’ in Bangladesh. According to the national Human Rights Commission Chairman, Dr. Mizanur Rahman, ‘Hindus will become extinct in Bangladesh in the next 20 years!’ Another national daily ‘Prothom Alo’ wrote 0n 22nd Sept 2012, ‘Alarming decrease in Hindu population in Bangladesh’. Let’s ask, where are those people?

Bangladesh goes Taliban: In Oct 2014, in Bardhaman, West Bengal, India, an explosion killed two Bangladeshis while they were making bombs. It is reported in Bengali newspapers that, Bangladeshis are joining IS (Islamic State). It’s a well-known fact that, Bin Laden had a Bengali Brigade consisting of Bangladeshi Muslim youths. A Bengali Muslim Rezwan Ferdaus got 17 years jail in US for plotting to attack Pentagon & the US Capitol. Another Bangladeshi Quazi Nafis was sentenced to 30 years in prison in US for plotting to blow up NY Federal Reserve. Just recently 2 young girls from London & 4 young boys from Canada, all of Bangladeshi origin joined ISIS. All these indicate that Bangladesh is going towards militancy, which is a direct threat to the civilized world. While the government claimed the success to curb terrorism in Bangladesh, but its policy to appease Islamists are helping those goons to flourish.

Charles Tannock wrote; 2005-07-19: Is Bangladesh headed into the black hole that consumed Afghanistan under the Taliban? Fears are mounting, as official and fundamentalist religious forces now seem to operate with impunity.

Bangladeshi Islamists are gaining ground: DW AKADEMIE 09.05.2013 <May 5, 2013>: Author Grahame Lucas/rom

Vested Property: Enemy (Vested) Property Act: 48 years minorities are victimized by its own government. Government did pass some modification recently, which is just eye-wash.

10 million Hindus killed in 1971: Washington, 16th Oct (PTI): One Crore (10 million) Hindus were killed during Bangladesh liberation movement. Pakistani army targeted Hindus and it was in real sense genocide. 10 million helpless Hindus were killed. Politics & International Affairs Professor Mr. Gary J. Bash of Princeton University wrote this in his latest book. Post: Lotus Mission, Bartaman, 17-10-13.

Senator Robert Kennedy repot revealed that, Hindus were targeted in 1971, and believe it or not, religious minorities are still a target, as I am talking now. That is why we see different pogroms at different time and after every election. I asked myself a question, is it possible for Christian & Yazdis in ISIS dominant areas to survive honourably or grow? Situation in Bangladesh is same, but lesser intensity and severity, although goal is same ‘Free the Muslim land from the infidels’. And it is ongoing for half a century.

The world cannot afford a second Afghanistan in Bangladesh. All of Asia’s powers, including India, China and Japan, along with Europe and America, will have to play a part in stopping Bangladesh’s drift into fanaticism and chaos. Therefor we are calling upon the civilized world to come to the protection of these innocent and peaceful people who have committed no other wrongs than belonging to faiths other than what the Islamists would choose for them. The minorities have suffered long enough in Bangladesh, made enormous sacrifices throughout its history, and took monumental losses in lives and properties to warrant your support in favor of their inalienable rights to their motherland.

Thank you.

Chitra Paul, Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, Europe & Sweden. 18th March 2015



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